Obituary - Dr. Sandor Damjanovich

                                                                                      Dr. Sándor Damjanovich

We are mourning the loss of Sándor Damjanovich, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor Emeritus, Honorary Chair of the Hungarian Biophysical Society, past Vice President of the European Biophysical Societies’ Association, who passed away on June 5, 2017.

Dr. Damjanovich, a physician by training, was the founder and first director of the Department of Biophysics at the Debrecen University School of Medicine, who has introduced and popularized flow cytometry in Hungary and Eastern Europe, coined the idea of receptor association patterns on cell surfaces, and has developed new enzyme kinetic models that brought him the honor of invitation to a Solvay conference, a unique experience for a scientist working behind the iron curtain. In 2013, he was decorated by the Gold Medal of the Academy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) for his pioneering research and mentorship in the areas of enzyme kinetics and cell biophysics, on which occasion he said: "Doing research means a constant endeavor to achieve more and more every time, and to keep creating new things.The one who has tasted this, can never stop.” He lived by this motto; his zeal, creativity and endurance in work has been rewarded by countless honors, including the Széchenyi Prize, the Albert Szent-Györgyi Prize, the Leo Szilárd Prize, and the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Republic. He will be sorely missed by family, friends and colleagues, but his legacy surrounds us.