Poster Awards

The Biophysical Society is proud to continue its tradition of sponsoring a student poster competition at the EBSA meeting. All interested students presenting their research at EBSA 2015 will be evaluated during the poster sessions by members of the selection committee. Twelve $500 awards will be presented.

FEBS Journal publishes papers in all areas within the Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Sciences. It supports young scientists with FEBS Journal Poster Prizes, which are awarded by journal Editors at key conferences throughout the year. The FEBS Journal is pleased to award two poster prizes of €200 at EBSA 2015.

Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express – a new express journal from IOP Publishing – will present 4 x €100 poster awards to young scientists presenting high quality interdisciplinary research at the EBSA 2015 Congress. BPEX is a broad, inclusive, rapid review journal devoted to publishing new research in all areas of biomedical engineering, biophysics and medical physics. The journal has a special emphasis on interdisciplinary work between these fields.

EBSA Bursaries

EBSA offers bursaries to individual young scientists to participate in an EBSA-sponsored school, course or scientific meeting. The purpose of these bursaries is to promote the mobility of biophysicists in the EU area, to contribute to their training, to foster scientific exchanges between laboratories in the EU area and to promote the best Science in the field of biophysics.

Applications are invited from young scientists from the EU area who wish to attend the EBSA congress 2015 or a satellite meeting thereof. Eligible applicants are Ph.D. students registered in the EU area and Postdoctoral fellows working in the EU area.

The bursary is to be used to contribute to the cost of accommodation and registration. Applications must be received by February 15, 2015. Applications that come in later will not be considered.

Please visit the EBSA webpage for further information and the application form.

The EBSA Bursaries were awarded to

Alejandra Aguado Martínez, Leioa, ES
Parveen Akhtar, Szeged, HU
Alvaro Alonso, Donostia-San Sebastián, ES
Joăo Azevedo-Silva, Braga, PT
Hanna Barriga, London, GB
Adriana Baumlová, Prague, CZ
Zuzana Bednarikova, Kosice, SK
Antonio Benedetto, Villigen, CH
Ana Elisa Bergues Pupo, Zaragoza, ES
Juan A. Bueren-Calabuig, Dundee, GB
Chiara Donadoni, Milan, IT
Fernanda Duarte, Uppsala, SE
André Filipe Faustino, Lisbon, PT
Mário Felício, Lisboa, PT
Alejandro Gil Ley, Trieste, IT
Bárbara Gomes, Lisboa, PT
Marina Grabar Branilović, Zagreb, HR
Danijel Grgičin, Zagreb, HR
Irene Gutiérrez Pérez, Madrid, ES
Mary Halebian, Coventry, GB
Yuliya Harmaza, Minsk, BY
Alberto Hidalgo, Madrid, ES
Jana Hladilkova, Lund, SE
Kumaresan Jayaraman, Vienna, AT
Leon Jacobo Juarez-Hernandez, Trento, IT
Elise Kaplan, Montpellier, FR
Anna Komarova, Moscow, RU
Paweł Książek, Olsztyn, PL
Ondrej Kucera, Prague, CZ
Salome Kylarová, Prague, CZ


Didier Law-Hine, Orsay, FR
Martina Lihter, Zagreb, HR
Germán Luque-Caballero, Granada, ES
Aitor Manteca, Donostia-San Sebastian, ES
Drew Marquardt, Graz, AT
Nicola McCarthy, London, GB
Sopio Melikishvili, Bratislava, SK
Vaida Morkunaite, Vilnius, LT
Silvia Moscatelli, Ancona, IT
Vasyl Mykuliak, Kyiv, UA
Evelina Nikelshparg, Moscow, RU
Anna Nowicka, Warsaw, PL
Judit Perales-Calvo, London, GB
Giovanni Pinamonti, Trieste, IT
Alexandra Poturnayova, Bratislava, SK
Maria Lourdes Renart Perez, Lisbon, PT
Caterina Ricci, Ancona, IT
Sam Richardson, Reading, UK
Izabela Sadowska-Bartosz, Rzeszów, PL
Sarah Smith, Coventry, GB
Angelo Spinello, Palermo, IT
Luciana Stanica, Bucharest, RO
Tess Stanly, Oxford, GB
Rafael Tapia-Rojo, Zaragoza, ES
Anahit Torosyan, Yerevan, AM
Iztok Urbančič, Ljubljana, SI
Alex I. M. van der Wateren, Cambridge, GB
Felipe Viela, Madrid, ES
Diana Larisa Vlădoiu, Timisoara, RO
Aisling Williams, London, GB

DGfB Bursaries

The German Biophysical Society (DGfB) offers eight bursaries related to the 10th European Biophysics Congress.

Deadline for bursary application was March 25, 2015.

EBSA Young Investigators’ Medal and Prize

The EBSA Executive Committee invited all Member Societies to nominate candidates for the EBSA Prize to be awarded at the 10th European Biophysics Congress in Dresden. The winner of the Prize receives 2,000 EUR and a medal, and will present a lecture at the Congress.

Please visit the EBSA webpage for further information.


This year's EBSA Young Investigators’ Medal and Prize is awarded to


Iva Tolić
Ruđer Bošković Institute, HR
Division of Molecular Biology
visit webpage

Avanti Polar Lipids / EBSA Award

Avanti Polar Lipids, Incorporated has established a biennial award to be given by EBSA. The award will be presented at the 10th European Biophysics Congress to an investigator for outstanding contributions to our understanding of lipid biophysics. The winner receives an honorarium of US$ 3,000.

Please visit the EBSA webpage for further information.


This year's Avanti Polar Lipids / EBSA Award is awarded to


J. Antoinette Killian
Utrecht University, NL
Department of Chemistry, Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics Group
visit webpage


Important Dates

July 8, 2015
End of online registration - only on-site registration is possible

July 18 to 22, 2015
10th European Biophysics Congress

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